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5 subjects every MBA should take

I recently did a guest lecture at one of the local MBA colleges in Hyderabad, India. On one side, it took me back to the days when I used to be a starry-eyed student myself. On the other, it made … Continue reading

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Should google be worried over instant previews?

Just today morning, I read this article on copyblogger about a change that I had noticed in my google search a few days back. Yeah, you probably guessed it right – am talking about Google Instant Previews. The article talks … Continue reading

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Does research outsourcing work for buy-side firms?

One of the questions that I have come across—far more than I would expect—is if outsourcing research works at all for the buy-side? Before I go ahead to respond with a resounding YES, and elaborate on my answer, let’s take … Continue reading

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