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I started this blog in mid 2010 and it has already been a journey of self-discovery for me. I had been putting off this “About me” page for long, dreading if I’d be able to write it well enough. I feel ill at ease with talking about myself, leave alone talking big.

Academically, I started out as an electrical engineer from IIT Kharagpur, which—for those who may not know—was the first in the series of premium educational institutions that my country established just post its independence. Years later, as I look back, the only things I remember well enough are the crazy hostel events, philosophical discussions during night-outs at the railway track close by, the long bicycle rides to the only decent market in the otherwise rustic town, and the number of times I was thrown out of class for not completing my assignments.

Despite all the relatively more important things that one does at IIT and chooses not to remember, I managed to pass and secure a coder’s job at the outset of the dotcom bubble. Luckily for me, I escaped it without many bruises and ended up at IIM Indore, which—unlike the veteran status of IIT Kharagpur—was the latest in the series of India’s quality management institutes. The two years I spent here taught me three things. I realized that I didn’t suck too bad at subjects that were neither sciences nor maths. Second, it made me appreciate that anything was possible with the right amount of thought, planning, and effort. Most importantly, it made me truly independent as a person and gave me the mental frame to stretch myself beyond my comfort zones and explore the new. The dream of starting a business, which got me into a business school, didn’t seem too far-fetched anymore.

Since then, I have spent about six years (as of date) in a variety of companies and roles. Starting as a software developer, I have had stints in sales, solution design, research/consulting, and end-to-end operations. The most fulfilling experience has been to get a taste of the two ends of the spectrum: a 50,000-strong giant organization and a 100 people start-up enterprise. And the most rewarding accomplishment has been to lead the successful turnaround of this start-up from an information aggregator to a best-in-class Wall Street grade research house.

Somewhere, in between all the studying and working, I was able to pick up the bass and share the stage with some amazing musicians and now wonderful friends. I dig classic rock and wish <sigh> I could prevent my fingers from forgetting the fretboard. My most recent passion is photography, thanks to the now rather affordable DSLRs and a chance presence in New York on a Black Friday morning.

Over the past one year, I have been totally consumed by the recent democratization of technology. Coming in touch with brilliant minds and energetic entrepreneurs, both in India and the US, has been infectious to say the least. As I continued to prepare and execute on some of my business plans, I felt the need for more instant gratification by starting something new. And hence came to life this blog for expressing the myriad ideas and thoughts that occur to me almost continuously. The theme of this blog is rather straight forward, though not as simple always, for it takes both effort and courage to go beyond the obvious and explore the new.

And yeah, I do have a tattoo. :)

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