Say hello to the new logo

Hello All,

Had a creative epiphany while stuck in a bad traffic jam on my way to work today. So ended up designing and uploading a new logo.

Would love to hear your opinion, so do take a moment to comment on this post.


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  • Brian

    Hi there Gaurav I seen from the blog engage forum you had a new banner and wanted to come say it’s great! It’s very original and unique. It also matched the theme your using perfectly. Nice work.

  • Gaurav

    Thanks Brian. :)

  • John Garrett

    Yo Gaurav, logo is looking good, bro. Came over from the BlogEngage forums and just wanted to drop in and say hello!

  • Gaurav

    Thanks John…appreciate u taking the time.. :)

  • Gaurav Kumar

    gaurav mad

  • Gaurav Kumar