5 protein-loading tips for your vegetarian breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but is often the most ill-prepared and ignored. After going without any intake for 6 hours or more, the body needs a good helping of each nutrient group in decent proportions. The quick, typical breakfast mostly tends to be a carbohydrate feast, at the expense of protein. This becomes even more challenging for vegetarians, given the limited high-protein options that suit the breakfast palate.

high protein foods

Here are some quick tips on how you can add more veggie protein to your daily morning bite without sweating over the ticking clock or compromising on taste.

  • Any dairy stuff is generally good. Adding a cup of milk or yogurt is a great and simple idea. Go for low-sugar low-fat versions depending on your calorie consciousness.
  • Scrambled cottage cheese as a salad additive or sandwich filling
  • Use a cup of sprouts (raw or steam-cooked) as a salad or sandwich filling instead of potatoes or regular vegetables.
  • Replace your butter/cheese spread with peanut butter, which is comparatively a far better source of protein despite being calorie dense
  • Replace your regular morning cereal with a soy-based version. Or if you prefer more taste, mix it up with another corn or oats variety and give your bowl an extra edge.
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