Cut the gmail screen clutter

Just about a week back, I started using Yoono as a multi-platform IM that also brings my most-used social networking updates on a neat interface. And just today morning, I realized I did not wanna see the chat layer on my gmail window anymore. However, it turned out more difficult than expected to turn it off. Did some quick searches and found out that gmail has an option called “Gmail View->Standard” all the way at the bottom of the window. No success yet since the option itself was disabled.

So with no solution to the problem, I dug further and realized I’d enabled certain chat feature extensions under Google Labs. So, I went ahead and disabled all of them. And Voila, it worked. Hope you found this useful.

BTW, Yoono is something I have settled on after fiddling with multiple others such as Digsby and Trillian. They are good in their own way, but just didn’t work for me.

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