tools I spend most of my awake time with…

I am one of the more functionality and value-for-money inclined guys. I like to stay on the bleeding edge of technology as long as it doesn’t bleed my time or money. Nonetheless, I do have my favorites that have taken a while to get into my good books. Here’s a sneak peek:

MS Office: My bread and butter, quite literally!! There may be talk of the cloud taking over, but as far as I am concerned, nothing comes close to the real thing, at least just yet. I have tried the newer stuff like Googledocs,, and sliderocket, but they couldn’t give me the all-in-one-place user experience that I have been conditioned to over the years. While the cloud does seem the way to go, as would be seen in the upcoming Office 2010 release, it’s just not there yet. Another couple of years before it goes mainstream for the rather slow adopters like me.

Gmail: The other site that consumes most of my personal-and sometimes official-email time. Not to mention, the OpenID phenomenon that saves me from maintaining and remembering tens of ids and passwords. Gmail is here to stay in my life. I just hope it remains free.. :)

Tweetdeck: My social networking evolution started with Orkut and moved on to Facebook and Twitter like most of you. There came a time when it became cumbersome to stay on top of each. Tweetdeck came with the perfect answer (for now) and fitted beautifully into my schedule, saving me some precious minutes for sure.

Blackberry: Do I need to say anything here? It’s a rather inseparable piece of equipment in my life. While many may swear by the touch of the iPhone, I choose to stick to something with a physical keypad. Moreover, if not as trendy as some of the iPhone apps out there, it does pack in some decent functionality with tools like uberTwitter, facebook, and google that bring my computer into my palm.

LinkedIn: Possibly the best business networking platform out there. Immensely useful if you are trying to identify potential customers or keep in touch at a professional level.

Skype: A must-have if you need to be in touch with your colleagues and dear ones in far-away lands. Other similar services don’t really come close in terms of the overall experience.

Google Reader: This one’s a breeze if you wanna keep up with what’s going on. I never found it easier to stay updated with content from my preferred sites and blogs.

I was hoping to do a more review-ish and comparative post on some of the above tools, but it’s gonna take a while and there are enough comparisons available out there. In case you have any questions about the above vis-a-vis stuff that you use, do write to me and maybe we can learn something new…


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