do you feel safe using facebook?

By now, most-if not all-must have come across the ongoing debate on whether facebook is a safe social networking platform anymore. To be fair to Mr.Zuck, part of the current brouhaha could be a result of the undercurrent building up as a backlash to FB’s spike of success in recent years/months. It is also likely that the concerns are genuine as suggested by a number of active bloggers and tech analysts. I personally believe that while there could be legitimate causes of concerns, eventually the onus of protecting one’s privacy rests on the individual. With social networks and cloud collaboration at a high and showing no signs of easing, rest assured this is not the last time we are debating and discussing such concerns.

Nonetheless, I believe that generally people have a tendency to blow things out of proportion. Human beings are liberal in giving others a piece of their minds, be it adulation or criticism.

Do respond to the following poll and let’s see what commoners like me and you think this is really all about..!!

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  • Gaurav

    Facebook Apps Leaking User Info to Third Parties –

  • Prasad

    Ahh, but this poll is biased