think twice before you do what you do on your social networks

Think Twice Before Updating Your Facebook Status – Management Tip of the Day – May 14, 2010 – Harvard Business Review

While most managers and employers would not want to admit something like this explicitly, I believe that’s how general human tendency works: to draw conclusions and judge based on available information. A good way to retain your right to self-expression, it may be worthwhile investing time into building an online repository of your information that a prospective employer–or for that matter anyone you wish to reach out to–finds value in.
As an aside, there is always the question of longevity of digital footprints. The article lays emphasis on ensuring that the so-called hazardous updates are avoided while one is on the lookout. On the contrary, I believe it’s a general rule one must follow, given the fact that what goes up on the web stays there. It’s just a matter of time that a search engine throws up some long forgotten 1s and 0s.
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