Sometimes I wonder about the power of macroeconomics…Not coz it has such a profound impact on the way countries and economies run, but also on the way it affects public thinking and outlook. The latter for me is the more important of the two for somewhere or the other the former is just a logical fallout.

Happened to chance upon some article about how the unemployment rate in India has gone down over the past years that have seen a searing economy and corporate boom. The numbers might well be in place, though I seriously doubt the accuracy and more important their relevance. Raise an eyebrow if you please but I choose to stick to this opinion of mine despite having gone through the rigors of studying and swearing by the concepts at some stage of my education. Wisdom is an offspring of hindsight (ok, that’s something I just propounded :) and am sure looking back I can only wonder and feel amazed at how simple and logical it all looked only to feel completely ill at ease with the practical aspect.

Just today, glanced on the recent protests by a few sections of some clan over a retail chain selling non-vegie stuff. Being a staunch veg, I have always wondered about the motivation of people who kill to eat. However it makes me wonder how people can manage to find the time, energy and the resources to fight over such issues. Ok, for now let me stay away from the fact that media is perhaps the biggest culprit of recent times…more about it later..!!! Nevertheless, am amazed at the zest with which such people or clans, if I can generalise, raise voices. Somewhere I personally have gotten used to (and I am sure a lot of us would identify with this feeling) noticing such things and shrugging our shoulders with a common expression – “Aise logon ko kaam dhandha nahi hai life mein!”. However spontaneous this reaction may be, I find it difficult to digest with my growing consciousness and wisdom as I said earlier.

Somewhere someone is defending a presidential candidate on the basis of state level groupism, somewhere a group is protesting the sale of a harmless piece of rubber, while somewhere there are riots just because someone said or did something to incinerate the “feelings” of a particular community. And surprisingly, such happenings are not stories appearing in some shady regional tabloids but real events taking place in our very own metros. On one side, our metros get rated among the cities with the highest number of people looking for sex on the internet and on the other side, the same cities see protests for “objectionable” messages about the spread of obscenity and commercialization of sex as a way of life.

Media and politics have always been at loggerheads but in this particular era of heightened activism and jingoism over trivial matters, both have managed to effectively market their ideas with their target segment. And yes, the target segment happens to be the ever growing class of individuals termed unemployed.

Let me change tracks from Blah-blah to Bleah-bleah…

What is unemployment? Is it simply about not having a job that gives u a means of livelihood or is it something more than that? For me, the simple definition of unemployed is the guy who has time but doesn’t know how to spend it. Now don’t pounce on me for saying this – but I firmly believe in the value of blogging and don’t do it simply coz I don’t know what to do with my time. :D

Having blah-ed and bleah-ed so far, no second thoughts on the fact that the country has come a long way but now that we are on the foothills of the next adventure ride, it is absolutely mandatory to look back and see the unwanted baggage we are carrying. Shed the deadwood and I am sure, there will be lesser mishaps on the road to evolving and developing further as an economy and even more importantly as a society. Time to think bigger, and better…

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